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Your anatomy is unique. Bicycles are generic. A fitting marries your bicycle to your body and riding style.

I begin our consultation by talking with you about your bicycling experience and style, fitness goals, and any discomfort you’re experiencing when you ride that we might be able to address with the fitting. This is the start of a beautiful relationship (you and your bicycle). The next step involves taking your anatomical measurements using specialized bicycle fitting tools and technology. I enter your critical measurements into a computer loaded with “body scanning” software. Don’t worry; it won’t hurt. From the comfort of the padded table in my studio, we’ll also do a “flex test.” Assessing the flexibility of your upper body, hamstrings, IT band and quads is an important part of the fitting process. It helps us determine the optimal drop ratio for your bicycle, which is the relative position of the handlebars to the seat. Correctly adjusting the drop ratio for your bicycle will enhance your comfort and performance. I can also show you some specific stretches and exercises that will help you be more comfortable on your bicycle and a stronger rider. Next, we put you on your bicycle and make some initial adjustments. Then we use Dartfish computerized fitting technology to dial in the measurements for peak comfort and performance. You’ll be able to see yourself on the video monitor as we fine-tune the fit. We finish by adjusting your cleats so that your feet are in proper rotation on the pedals. This will increase your performance and reduce the chance of injury. When you ride out of the Europa Velo studio, you’ll feel like your bicycle is a part of you.

Happy cycling!

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