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Learn self-reliance. Classes for the beginning and advanced cyclist.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a long-distance rider, learning how to maintain and repair your bicycle can save you time and money and keep your bicycle in top running condition.

Europa Velo Commuter class – One 2-hour class, by appointment. Learn how to: Maintain and adjust brakes Maintain and adjust derailers, Fix flat tires, Clean all components of your bicycle Europa Velo's Pro class – Three 2-hour classes, by appointment. Learn how to perform: Complete major tune-ups and Wheel truing Europa Velo Wheel-building class – One 3-hour class, by appointment Learn the traditional way to build a wheel: Spoke length, Lacing the hub, Lacing the rim, Complete building of the wheel

Since all of these classes are one-on-one, I can customize the class to your knowledge level, bicycle and style of riding.

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