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Be an informed shopper with recommendations on the size, style and price of your next bicycle.

Buying a new bicycle can be confusing. Different sizes, styles, components… how do you sort out all that information?

Let me help.

With my 30-plus years of experience in the bicycle business and the tools in my fitting studio, I can objectively recommend a short list of bicycle brands and models that are the best match for the type of cyclist you are and your anatomy.

After taking your measurements we’ll sit down in front of my computer and use a proprietary database available to me through the Bike-alog® website. We’ll look at a number of bicycles that match the criteria you’re looking for and then narrow it down to the ones you like the best and that fit your budget. I can steer you toward quality and value, and away from  “add-on” components that you may not need.

You’ll leave Europa Velo with a set of measurements, a short list of bicycle brands and models that will work the best for you, and the names of local bicycle stores that carry those brands and models.

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